I’ve been working since 1998 on Mac software, and currently work on development and user experience design for Mac, iOS, and Android.

Previous projects I’ve worked on include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Several open source projects, including a screen saver and a plugin for iChat available at my GitHub.
  • Gluestick, an image compositor for Mac OS X based on CoreAnimation. Currently unavailable.
  • Duality, a system appearance changer for OS X. Started in 2001, this was my first project for Mac OS X. No longer supported, but it was featured as one of the best pieces of software on the platform in MacAddict/MacWorld.
  • VirtualEarthKit, the first native maps SDK available on iOS that implements Microsoft Virtual Earth maps in OpenGL and Obj-C, including geocoding services. Released for iOS 2.0 as open source. Superseded by Microsoft’s official Bing Maps SDK.
  • Inventory management software for one to one laptop deployments. This includes bindings for CoreData to remote databases such as MySQL and Postgres.
  • Plugins for Apple and Adobe pro software products.
  • Freelance work for clients on iOS.

In my day job, I work for Digimarc on augmented reality development and user experience. I won’t be posting about that here.