My mom loved her iPad 2. She got it a little more than 3 years ago. It’s been with her and my dad all over Europe. She’s used it with her camera to import photos. She does shopping on it, looks up directions in maps, browses Craigslist.

In November I got a text from her. She was strongly thinking of getting rid of the iPad and buying an Android tablet. She’d made a mistake and had upgraded to iOS 8. Desperate, she asked if there was a way to undo the upgrade. Otherwise, the iPad had to go, and it’s replacement wouldn’t be an Apple product. She was furious at Apple, wondering why Apple did this to her iPad. Continue reading

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about skeuomorphism vs. flat user interfaces, but I think the entire discussion is broken. Let’s go back to the beginning: The original Macintosh GUI. An extremely flat UI, but full of skeuomorphism.

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Folders look like folders. File deletion is done through a trash item, that not only emulates a trash can but looks like one. Floppy disks that are inserted into the Mac appear as disks on the desktop. The desktop itself is a metaphor based on a real world object. Continue reading