Open source projects I’ve Worked On Both Current And Old!


  • FlyingIcons – An attempt to reimplement the classic Mac OS X flying icons screensaver. Uses OpenGL for drawing, and features a Mac OS X driver for supplying icons via Spotlight.
  • OKCChat – A small project to demonstrate’s plugin architecture to other servers. Communicates with OKCupid’s chat backend.


  • GuiKitLib – Extract resources from Unsanity Shapeshifter themes in the guikit format.
  • ThemeKit – Collection of classes for interacting with themes on older versions of Mac OS X. Includes classes for extracting and drawing widget resources from Mac OS X and Mac OS 8.6 appearance themes, including the built in Aqua theme on OS X.
  • xf86-video-nested – Senior capstone group project to provide virtualized displays for XFree86.
  • VirtualEarthKit – Obj-C wrapper for interacting with the Microsoft Virtual Earth web services. Includes features such as geolocation, and tile artwork. Superseded by Microsoft’s own frameworks.

2 responses to “Code”

  1. diane Avatar

    Hi i just downloaded your game and since english is my second language, it is quite hard to guess the word . I just write wrong word with same meaning. I just wonder do you have hint or some answers?

    1. Colin Cornaby Avatar

      Hi Diane!

      While we like to keep the answers a secret, I understand that speaking English as a second language could make things difficult!

      You can find several hints or answers guides on Google: