Swift Needs KVO/KVC

I’m just finishing up my first app store bound project that was written in Swift. It’s nothing hugely exciting, just a giant calculator sort of application. Why I chose Swift is that Swift’s static typing really made me think about the data layer, and how data flows through the application. What I missed terribly was […]

My Wish For Swift At WWDC: C++ Support

At work, we support a lot of platforms. We support iOS and Android, Windows, Linux, supermarket checkout scanners, Raspberry Pis, old Windows CE devices, and more. And all the devices run our same (large) core code, and all that code is written in C++. I’m not the biggest fan of C++. But there’s no doubt […]

WWDC OS X Wish List

As WWDC fast approaches, and rumors of the next OS X update focusing on polish persist, I thought I’d go over my wish list for what I’d like to see Apple address. Vulkan/Enhanced Graphics Support The graphics situation on OS X is bad. 3D graphics on OS X have been rocky from the beginning (the first […]

Where is the no compromise Mac Pro?

I’ve been looking at replacing my 2008 Mac Pro, and as much as I’d like to replace it with a new Mac Pro, the Mac Pro just looks so odd when you compare it to both Windows products and other Macs. The most visible missing feature that has been widely commented on is the lack of an […]

Did 9/11 Kill Star Trek?

(There are Star Trek spoilers here.) My girlfriend and I have been watching  Star Trek: The Next Generation in order, from the beginning. This morning we just got to “All Good Things”, the final episode of The Next Generation. I’ve spent the rest of the day thinking about why Star Trek used to be so popular […]

Pushing Updates and User Expectation

In the debate on Apple quality, OS X Snow Leopard is usually cited as the high mark in recent OS X quality. Whether or not you believe that Snow Leopard had less bugs than any other release (which I tend to), another thing has changed since Snow Leopard is how Apple distributes Mac OS X.

Initial Look At The Secrets of the iWatch SDK

The release of the iWatch SDK has given developers a head start in adding WatchKit to their applications, but with the release of the iWatch Simulator, they’ve also given developers a valuable insight into how the iWatch API stack is shaped. The WatchKit framework runs on the iOS device, but to power the simulator Apple […]

Using NIBs for Awesome

One of the basic Objective-C design paradigms is Model-View-Controller. Views is views typically have two components. There is the logic that drives a view: formatting, management of subviews, and lifecycle management. And there is appearance of the view. This might include the positioning of subviews, the color of the view and subviews, how the view […]

On New Mac Pros

2013, year of “something really great” for Mac Pro users is here. Hopefully, within the next six months, Apple will finally announce what they plan to do with the Mac Pro line. Time to speculate on what Apple could do!