Author: Colin Cornaby

  • Transitions

    I’m still learning SwiftUI. Learning something new is hard. I taught myself programming by typing random commands into HyperCard on a Mac SE. After that, I did REALbasic. When I was 14, I started learning Cocoa using whatever Apple tutorials and sites I could find online. It was a struggle. No one had taught me […]

  • Reading Between The Lines On Marzipan

    John Gruber today posted some reliably sourced rumors about Apple’s cross platform efforts. Most notably, he’s placing any changes in 2019, and not at WWDC 2018, and casting doubt that what Apple is doing is UIKit on the Mac. (And if you follow me on Twitter, you’re likely aware that I feel that UIKit on […]

  • Apple Universal API

    I’ve been thinking about what a unified Apple API could look like. One of the biggest issues is that iOS devices and Mac devices are very different, and even some iOS devices like the AppleTV aren’t even similar to devices like the iPhone or iPad. One option Apple has is creating a new, massive API […]

  • What should be the 2018 Mac Pro?

    I’m really happy to see Apple’s announcement on the Mac Pro today. Last November I wrote: “Even if you think the Mac Pro is going to be updated, Apple’s lack of a mention of it (or the iMac) implies that Apple is still misjudging the expectations of the pro community. When you’re a Pro, you […]

  • LG Ultrafine 5k Review

    I’m still waiting to see what Apple does with desktop Macs this year, but I knew I also wanted a 5k display, so I ordered the new Ultrafine 5k without a Mac to go with it. I wanted to get the display under the promotional pricing, but ordered it before I noticed Apple extended the promotional […]

  • Apple’s Vertical Disintegration

    I’ve been recently looking to replace my 2008 Mac Pro, but it’s hard to find an Apple product that’s right for me. The new Macbook Pro has far less horsepower than my existing tower, and the 2013 Mac Pro isn’t a clear replacement either. The Mac Pro’s GPU is not really an improvement over the GeForce […]

  • Slow Decline Of The Mac Pro

    I wanted to write a bit more about the future of “pros” on the Mac, but about the Mac Pro. Pros are the most easily spooked, jittery segment of the computer market, and they have reason to be. When they buy equipment from a vendor, whether that is Apple or HP or Dell or whoever, they […]

  • On Managing Expectations (Macbook Pro follow up)

    One of the counter points to criticism of the Macbook Pro event is that expectations are too high. Users are expecting that a laptop should be just as powerful as a desktop, and that’s unreasonable. Generally, I agree. The Macbook Pro has not really been a good desktop replacement since almost the Powerbook G3. But […]

  • Mac Apple Event Thoughts

    I’m very supportive of going all in on Thunderbolt 3. Thunderbolt 3 is a huge advance, and I think it’s worth ditching all the legacy connectors. It will be a bumpy transition at first, but once it’s done having one universal connection will be worth it (although I’m not holding my breath for corporate projectors […]

  • iPad Pro Initial Thoughts

    I’ve been working on an app intended for use with the Apple Pencil, so I went to the store and picked up an iPad Pro this morning. (Sadly no Apple Pencil or Keyboard, both are deeply backlogged it seems.) At my desk I have a Mac Pro, I carry a Macbook Pro for working on […]